Pit Call Times

February 25, 2011

Call the pit 45 minutes to an hour before the house opens for at least the first 2 nights. Run the 2 or 3 worst things from the final dress rehearsal, then go talk to the cast when they open the house. (usually the house winds up being open to the audience a half hour before the curtain goes up)

If things go well and your pit is all pro, make the call time a half-hour or even 15 minutes before the show starts. Don’t call people ridiculously early and make them sit around. Pros can and should be given later call times. But kids playing in the pit need to get there early, just so you can be safe. Everyone should have your cell number in case they get stuck in traffic or otherwise delayed. YOU should be there earlier than anyone else in your pit if at all possible, and if you have a lot of running around to do, you should also put up a sign-in sheet for your players so that you can check and see if they’ve arrived.


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