Passing along a terrific post on getting a new theatre built at your school

November 3, 2011

I ran into this really comprehensive article from ETA about building a new theatre at your school, which I think will be useful to you, especially if you’re lucky enough to be in the position of getting a new building!

Her 10 bullet point suggestions are:

Step One: Get on the Building Committee

Step Two: Articulate your vision of the theatre

Step Three: Choose an Architect

Step Four: Teach and learn terms, know systems

Step Five: Familiarize yourself with the Architect’s process

Step Six: Review the budget

Step Seven: Review the construction contract

Step Eight: Keep involved in the construction process.

Step Nine: Set a realistic timeline and first production goals

Step Ten: Know how your facility works.

Author Tarin Chaplin  goes into terrific detail about each of these points. You and your successors will have to live with the consequences of all these decisions for decades to come, so your active participation is necessary to keep generations of artists and educators from shaking their heads as they inhabit the space.


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