Broadway C5

August 24, 2012

I put this video together to show the increasing importance and changing production of the C5. Then I realized what a fun game it could be to guess the singers! You can join the rabble in making your guesses on Youtube, or you can post them in the comments here. I also welcome comments about how the C5 has changed over the years.


One comment

  1. Hey Peter,
    I’m loving reading your blog. I’d better come back and spend some time!
    But right now I’m on a mission and I bet you can help me. I’m a voice teacher teaching a number of styles. I’m trying to build or find a database searchable by top note (and ideally quality, but that can be messy). I’m asking everyone I know, I asked musicnotes.com since I know they have thousands of songs cataloged but don’t have range as a search option, and I’d like to ask you as well. Do you have such a list? If I built one, would you be interested?

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