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General Information


The Two Primary Principles

Dealing With Your Director

Dealing With Your Choreographer

Dealing With Your Predecessor

Dealing With Sound Guys

Appropriate and Inappropriate Material

Knowing The Boundaries of Your Job


How To Be A Good Musical Theatre Pianist

Building Professional Connections

2011 Summer Reading Recommendations

When You Don’t Like The Show

2011 In Review

2012 In Review

Getting To Know The Space

Ripped From The Headlines: Lessons You Can Learn From School Shows In The News

Planning and Preparation

Getting Your Contract Squared Away

Choosing the Show

Planning and Running Auditions, Part I

Planning and Running Auditions, Part II

How To Audition for A School Musical When You Have No Talent

Know your Show

Contracting Your Pit Orchestra

And Speaking Of Pit Orchestras

Greatest Woodwind Doubling Site Out There

When You Are Not The Pit Director

Planning and Running a Rehearsal

Cuts and Additions


Altering Choral Parts

Classical/Broadway/Choral Vocal Technique

Playing Favorites

The CD

Teaching The Parts

The Stickler/The Heckler

The Initial Cut List

Scene Change Music


The Discouraging/Encouraging Speech

Dealing With Outsized Personalities


Tales From The Pit

Cool Interview With A West End Pit Musician

Interview with a Broadway Pit Pianist

Interview with Trumpeter Carey Deadman

Interview with a Broadway Music Director

John Miller on Getting into New York Pit Playing

Not Even In The Same Room

Conducting the Pit With a Baton/Your Hands

Conducting the Pit From the Piano

Live Musicians/Prerecorded Accompaniment


Setting Up The Pit Area

Pit Onstage/Backstage

Pit Lights

Tech Week

Tech Week if You’re the Music Director but Not the Pit Director

Sound Check

Knowing And Remembering Cues

Production Up And Running

Applause and Laughter

Second Night Speech

Pit Call Times

The Brush Up Rehearsal

Keeping It And Yourself Fresh

When Things Go Wrong


Getting The Books Back

Closing Night

Joke Night


Rough Guides For The M.D.


Carousel Part I

Carousel Part II

A Christmas Carol (Menken and Ahrens)

The Drowsy Chaperone

Godpsell (Original Version)

Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers

Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe

The Light In The Piazza Part I

The Light In The Piazza Part II

Little Women

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Patience

Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance


Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Sorcerer

Thoroughly Modern Millie

The Threepenny Opera

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial By Jury

The Music Man

Musical Theatre

Three Times Sondheim Changed My Life

Broadway G4

Broadway C5

Top 10 Christmas Songs From Musicals

Hail To The Chief: Top 21 Presidents in Musicals

Lyricists: It’s time to retire “At All”

Analysis of “Far From The Home I Love

A Fun Thing I Found In Wicked The Musical

Tips to Avoid the Mind Games People Play At Auditions

An Analysis of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

The Original (American) Cast of The Pirates of Penzance

Pirates Of Penzance Backstage Remarks

A Wonderful Noise

How Did They Do School Shows Back In The Day?

Polyrhythm, Musical Theatre, and Hamilton

Broadway Time Capsule






Rob Shapiro of R&H

Tim McDonald

Matthew Cloran, Philadelphia Cappies

Bruce Merrill

External Links:

Playbill Article about Formative Musical Experiences

Basic Tools Of Acting

Dramatics Magazine’s 2009-2010 Play Survey

A Great Article About Vocal Resonance

Choreographing People Who Can’t Dance Well

Joe Deer On Directing A Chorus In A Musical

Getting A New Theatre Built At Your School

A Great Article About Resonance

A Great Post On Breath from Judylee Vivier

Passing Along 7 Reasons Why Theatre Makes Our Lives Better

Conducting From The Piano

Off Topic

Popular Choral Octavos Should Be Better

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